With release 3075 Gordano has undertaken a major rebranding exercise covering both the company livery and the software itself. Previously each of the various functions within the software had its own independent name, these have now all been brought together under the overall name of The Gordano Messaging Suite or GMS for short. Each of the old products is now a component within GMS and to reflect this all of the components have also aquired new names, these are explained in the table below.

In addition to this a number of new components have been added to our portfolio, making GMS the most comprehensive messageing software available on the market today. These new components are described more fully below.

Mobile Gateway
A comprehensive gateway adding true wireless connectivity to GMS. Allows users complete control over how and where they receive their messages no matter if they have access to a computer terminal or not.

Gordano's patent pending porting tool providing a seamless method of moving from any incumbent messaging server to The Gordano Messaging Suite.

Shared Calendars
Users of Gordano software have for some time been able to maintain their own Calendars, this latest release allows them to share these calendars with other users on the system and/or to give management access to these calendars to others.